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Myers Ultimate Natural 2000 Divan Set 5'0"

Brand: Myers
Product Code: Ultimate Natural 2000
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The Ultimate Natural 2000 mattress by Myers is one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. This mattress features the 2000 MyPro-Pocket spring system which will offer you superior comfort and support. This firm and comfortable mattress is filled with 100% natural layers which includes Alpaca, Bamboo, Tree Silk, Cashmere, SIlk and Wool. The combonation of these materials will ensure that you will have a comfortable nights sleep every night. The Unltimate Natural 2000 also features the MyCool layer which keeps you cool in bed so you don't get too hot, especially during the summer months. Too add to this mattresses amazing features, it has the MyPro-Clean mattress fabric which includes good pro-biotic bacteria that neutralises dust mite allergens which will keep your mattress clean and healthy. 

Priced as a 5'0" sprung edge 2+2 drawer divan base and mattress


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