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Libra Interiors - Add Some Life to your Home!

Libra Interiors - Add Some Life to your Home!

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Libra Interiors are featured on our shop floor and help transform any piece of furniture!

Libra Antique Brass Climbing Bunny Candle Holder

The Antique Brass Climbing Bunny candle holder is perfect for anyone looking to add an antique and rustic touch to their home. This candle holder is available in 2 different sizes and works perfect with any of Libra's pillar candles. This candle holder will also make a perfect wedding or birthday gift!

Libra Champagne Metallic Candle

The Champagne Metallic candle by Libra will make a perfect gift. This stunning metallic effect candle also features a stylish metal band to add a modern touch. The Champagne Metallic candle is made for 100% paraffin and is made using traditional methods. The wick is specially designed to ensure that it has a clean and long burn time. 


Libra Set of 4 Vanilla Scented Candles 

The Libra Vanilla Scented candles feature stunning etched glass votives which will complement any room not only with its look but with its smell! This set features 4 candles and are all vanilla scented.