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Is this the Best Design of 2017?

Is this the Best Design of 2017?

Write By: savannah Published In: Interior Design Created Date: 2017-08-13 Hits: 938 Comment: 0

The UMA Music Lantern by Pablo Designs may just be one of the most spectacular and convenient pieces we have ever seen!


Who invented this fantastic piece?

Carmine Deganello and Pablo Pardo are the genius designers behind the UMA music lantern and both have made amazingly unique creations such as the Solis light and the Bel Occhio light. 

Further information on both of the designers:

Pablo Pardo  -  Pardo is a Venezuelan-born industrial designer who is an expert in making contemporary, modern and unique lighting. Pardo established Pablo Designs in San Fransico in 1993 and since has gained a lot of recognition for his work. 

Carmine Deganello - Deganello is a Milan and Amsterdam based designer. His piece of work, the Solis light, in collabiration with Palbo Pardo has got to be one of the best pieces he has made!

What is the UMA Sound Lantern?

The UMA Sound Lantern is a fantastic piece which not only brightens any room but fills it with music! This creation has many fantastic features, such as:

          - 360° surrond sound and light which fills any room.

          - It is made for indoor and outdoor use, this sound lantern is perfect for a camping trip, backyard barbeques and for indoor uses. 

          - Volume and music selection can be controlled via Bluetooth from your mobile device. 

          - 8 hour battery life will provide you with music to get you through your day/night


We currnetly have the UMA Sound Lantern on display in our fantastic showroom for you to see how amazing it is for yourself! We currently sell this product for only £469!