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Everything You Need To Know About Sofas in 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Sofas in 2017

Write By: savannah Published In: Interior Design Created Date: 2017-02-28 Hits: 938 Comment: 0

In this blog we will be talking about what sofa trends we will be seeing in 2017!

From velvets, pastels and patternd sofas, 2017 is definately going to be a year with some surprises!

As most of us know sofas in 2016 was all about simplicity, with grey and white being the most popular colour chosen for sofas, but we're in for a shock with 2017! 


As most of us know, pastels became a huge hit at the end of 2016 so there is no surprises that they're going to be even bigger in 2017! Pastel colours work amazingly with busy people, as pastel colours are known to create a calm atmosphere in our home. 

Not only do pastels create a calming effect in your home, they're not going out of fashion any time soon, which is a bonus for anyone who likes their home up-to-date!

If pastel colours don't win your heart, then why don't you try adding a range of pastel colours, the more colours you add the more vibrant and colourful your home looks, without it being too in-your-face. You should try brining a pastel sofa to life by adding different coloured cushions to add a unique look to it.


Like pastel colours, we saw a lot of velvet in 2016 which is going nowhere in 2017! People either love or hate velvet, which is why it can be a tricky material to talk about.

Velvet sofas allow you to add a dash of style and class to your home without it being too much. Even though velvet sofas are extremely stunning, velvet is a very durable material, so you don't need to worry about it being worn out within a few years!


Patterend sofas are a great piece to add to your living room if you're looking for a statement piece. 

The amazing thing about patterend sofas is that you can bring life to a dull room by just adding a patterend sofa, or it can look a disaster if you do the wrong things to it. What I mean by 'wrong things' is that you could make your patterend sofa look horrible if you add extra patterend cushions or throws onto it. 

The solution to avoid this? Add block coloured cushions/throws to your sofa, this will keep it looking simple but interesting. 

Bright and Bold Colours:

2017 is going to be an amazing year for you if you love bold colours.

Colours such as greens and blues are definately on trend this year which is perfect as a bold coloured sofa will be the centre-piece of your room. 

If you have a white room, you can easily add a coloured sofa into your living room as it will not clash with any other colours you might have, also it will bring life into your living room!